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Everybody’s Favourite Cost – It’s Free

For the first time I have put a short story up on my site. It’s an experiment in more ways than one. Firstly, will anyone be bothered to look. Secondly, it’s a story about a radio DJ (kinda) told virtually … Continue reading

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Serendipity and the Ubiquitous Nick Lowe

Last week I went to see Nick Lowe at Vicar Street in Dublin. This was definitely one of the best gigs I have seen in quite a while. Although he has lost a little in the top register – the … Continue reading

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Anne Lyle – secrets of a debutant novelist

Anne Lyle was born in what used to be the centre of Sherwood Forest, and from an early age had a love of swashbuckling heroes such as Robin Hood. Unfortunately robbing the rich and giving to the poor tends to … Continue reading

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Top Gear: Spinning its Wheels.

I’m not a huge fan of Top Gear but it’s usually a harmlessly entertaining way of passing an hour on a Sunday. Yesterday I caught three quarters of the show. This part started with Jeremy Clarkson kissing Ryan Reynolds’ ass … Continue reading

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The Truth about Alex Ferguson

The truth about Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson is that he is a bully and a hypocrite. He had the effrontery to claim Luis Suarez should never play for Liverpool again after his failure to shake hands with Patrice Evra. … Continue reading

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Score Update: Television nil, Sport potato.

Last night’s debacle in Paris was truly surreal. With about three minutes to go before the scheduled kick-off the France – Ireland rugby international was called off due to an unplayable pitch. 75,000 disapointed fans greeted the official announcement, made … Continue reading

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Big Stars (not)

If there was ever a more ironic name for a band than Big Star, I’d love to hear it. Big Star are one of those groups that just about evey musician over the age of thirty will namecheck as an … Continue reading

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A Nice Surprise

I got a lovely surprise in the post yesterday – a copy of Lisssette’s Tales of the Imagination, issue 2, featuring a story by yours truly entitled Unsun Hero. It is always nice to see a new magazine, but all … Continue reading

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So That’s What Irony Means.

As a film fan and an inveterate reader I am fond of books about Hollywood. One of my favourites is Final Cut by Steven Bach, the definitive story of the making of the film Heaven’s Gate and the consequent failure … Continue reading

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