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Another Wild West

Just arrived in the post, my contributor’s copy of Another Wild West, an anthology of alternate history western short stories from Pill Hill Press. I must admit I had great fun writing the piece and it has actually become part … Continue reading

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If there is one thing that every writer, and blogger, needs it is focus. For the past six weeks that is something that has evaded me. There are extenuating circumstances, but as anyone who knows me, in real life, will … Continue reading

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Submitting Fiction to Magazines (Stating the Obvious – sort of)

As the editor at Albedo One whose email is the point of contact for email submissions I find myself having to weed out submissions from people who have failed to read – or possibly understand – our guidelines. So I … Continue reading

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Black & White

I have lost what little control I used to have over my mind, so I have no idea why I was thinking about Black & White films. I love cinema but I’m afraid I’m losing the urge to see modern … Continue reading

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