New Header

Those who have been on my page before will notice that I have a new header. It’s a shot of sky and clouds – with a twist. For me it is a shot of the world and humanity’s place in it. Look closely at the header and you will see a tiny black mark. This is an airplane. I watched it cross the sky and thought about how big it was, compared to me or my car or my house. Yet in the sky it was as nothing – you only notice it in the shot when it is pointed out. All that nothing, and we think we’re something. Am I getting philosophical or just old?


About Bob Neilson

Bob Neilson lives in Dublin with his wife, two daughters, son, two dogs, one cat and a growing feeling of claustrophobia. In partnership with his wife he runs a successful retail business in Dublin city. His short fiction has appeared extensively in professional and small press markets and he has had two plays performed on RTE and one on Anna Livia FM. He also presented a radio show on Anna Livia for a year. He has had two short story collections published, Without Honour (1997, Aeon Press) and That’s Entertainment (2007, Elastic Press) as well as several comics and a graphic novel. His non-fiction book on the properties of crystals is a best-seller in the UK and Ireland.
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